Smart Control


Works with Hey Google or Alexa

All your home remote controls in one device!

By enrolling all the remote controls on the JFL-SH1, you can control infrared electronic devices, such as television, air conditioner, curtains, and much more.
Convenience and comfort

For those who like organization and a more discreet environment, the JFL-SH1 is perfect! No more remote controls scattered around the house. Now is the time to leave them!
All in one App

Through the JFL Home app, you control all the remotes in your house. That's right, all in one App that is available for free. Available for Android and iOS smartphones.
Easy to install

Just turn it on, connect it to Wi-Fi and choose which devices you want to control. The JFL-SH1 already comes with thousands of pre-registered devices and will enroll any infrared remote control.
Okay Google, turn on the air conditioning!

You can also control everything through voice command. The JFL-SH1 is compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa devices.

Technical specifications:

Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

Coverage area:
360 degrees

Up to 8 meters line of sight

App control:
Available for Android and iOS

IEEE 80.211 b/g/n

Power supply:
5 Vdc / 1A

Infrared operating frequency:
38 Khz.

Packaging dimensions:
55,5 x 81 x 69,5 mm

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